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Sports personality ( Elle Simmons )

November 29th, 2012

What an amazing year for British sport in general, the Olympics, F1 , the British open, the premiership ( football, Rugby) and not forgetting the paralympics with are very own

How to create a comfortable bathroom

November 28th, 2012

In this day of fast-paced communication, hectic professional life and demanding personal commitments, your bathroom is probably the only place where one can find a semblance of privacy and solitude. It is here that many individuals finally find time from their hectic schedule to be with themselves. No wonder many scientists of the yesteryears were at their creative and innovative best in their bathrooms.3

Canterbury Bathrooms


The first question that occurs in our mind is what are the factors that need to be considered at the time of designing a bathroom? Irrespective of the amount of resources, and the level of comfort, and style that one aim, the most critical criteria that a bathroom need is a high level of cleanliness. The design, plan and the material used to create a bathroom itself lends the cleanliness to entire bathroom.

It is then followed, by the comfort level of a bathroom, and especially, how the toilets are designed and what it offers. It is a facility that all the members of a family whether they are young and old, would be using, and the last thing one would not want a cheap toilet that develops yellow stains, just within few months of purchase.

Also, ensure that layout and the placement of all the amenities in your designer bathroom do not just offer comfort of usage but that it also suits your habits and lifestyle. People differ in the manner, the way and the sequence in which they go about their daily chores. Have the layout of your designer bathroom designed in a manner that complements your habits and lifestyle. It will make one feel more comfortable in a bathroom. Needless to say, the accessories one opts their bathroom must be of a superior quality and must blend with other bathroom decor.

Last but not the least, the ambience of your bathroom will determine how comfortable it is. By using the right color combinations and the right d

Gangnam style bathroom prices a massive sensation

November 27th, 2012

Gangnam Style is online sensation

PSY's Gangnam Style had been viewed 805 million times on YouTube


PSY’s Gangnam Style had been viewed 805 million times on YouTube

South Korean rapper PSY’s Gangnam Style has become YouTube’s most viewed video of all time.

YouTube says in a posting on its Trends blog that Gangnam Style had been viewed 805 million times as of Saturday afternoon, surpassing Justin Bieber’s Baby, which has had 803 million views.

The blog says the “velocity of popularity for PSY’s outlandish video is unprecedented”.

PSY’s video featuring his horse-riding dance was posted on YouTube in July, while Baby was uploaded in February 2010.

PSY’s video has become a global sensation, with many people around the world mimicking his Gangnam Style dance.

In their October meeting, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, a South Korean, joked that he had to relinquish his title as “the most famous Korean”, and tried a few of PSY’s dance moves.

A global move for gangnam

November 27th, 2012

The penguins that have stayed faithful for 16 years

A pair of Magellanic penguins have remained faithful to each other for 16 years, according to researchers who have been monitoring the birds and have shown they can travel up to 10,000 miles a year in their search for food and love.

Magellanic penguins are threatened by oil spills and falling fish numbers

Image 1 of 4
Magellanic penguins are threatened by oil spills and falling fish numbers Photo: Pablo Garcia Borboroglu
Magellanic penguins make their nests in burrows on the beaches of southern Patagonia

Image 1 of 4
Magellanic penguins make their nests in burrows on the beaches of southern Patagonia Photo: Pablo Garcia Borboroglu
Magellanic penguins form monogamous bonds unless they fail to hatch chicks successfully

Image 1 of 4
Magellanic penguins form monogamous bonds unless they fail to hatch chicks successfully Photo: Pablo Garcia Borboroglu
Magellanic penguin chicks face many threats including starvation and predators when they are born at Punta Tombo in Southern Argentina

Imagine what we could do if like the penguins we could stick together and grow our businesses together in the uk, to make britain once again a stronger force in the world economy, and once again get us out of the double dip recession.

super christmas safe offer

November 27th, 2012

Super christmas safe offer

Super safe christmas deal

November 27th, 2012

KCD_S-20E : Small Compact Home Safe

  • Fully CE Certified Home Safe
  • Body composition : 4mm solid steel construction
  • Body Size : 200x310x200mm
  • Net Weight : 7.0kgs
  • Electronic Key pad entry system
  • Double action twin bolt locking mechanism
  • Two emergency override keys
  • Suitable for Valuables and Personal Jewellery

rolling back the price but still number 1 cigarette bins direct

November 26th, 2012

Rolling Stones ‘still leading the pack’

The Rolling Stones performed for two and a half hours

The Rolling Stones returned to the London stage on Sunday night in the first of five concerts to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Sir Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood were joined by their original bass player Bill Wyman at the 02 Arena.

Music critics hailed the rockers’ return a success.

Reviews of the gig described the band as “still leading the pack” and “at the cutting edge of pop”.

“They have a combined age of 273, but the four Stones remain an extraordinary live proposition,” John Aizlewood wrote in the Evening Standard.

“Jagger, camp and louche, was a preening but energetic peacock; Richards was as cool as a man sporting a red hairband and turquoise jacket could possibly be; Ronnie Wood was a chirpy mascot and that ocean of serenity Charlie Watts showed the tiniest of drumkits can make the biggest noise,” he said.

Guest stars included Mick Taylor – was originally in the Stones from 1969 to 1974 – who played lead guitar on Midnight Rambler.

US singer Mary J Blige also duetted with Sir Mick on Give Me Shelter.

Ticket prices

“It’s amazing that we’re still doing this, and it’s amazing that you’re still buying our records and coming to our shows,” the frontman said. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

He also joked about the controversial price of the concert’s tickets.

“How are you doing up in the cheap seats?” he asked fans in the upper rows. “Except they’re not cheap seats, that’s the problem.”

The show began with a brief video tribute from stars including Sir Elton John, Iggy Pop and Johnny Depp.

The band played 23 songs including some of their rarely-played early numbers such as It’s All Over Now and their cover version of the Beatles’ I Wanna Be Your Man.

They also showed a video montage of their big influences such as Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

The Independent described Sir Mick as being “in good voice” and “impressively strident” in the opening song.

Reviewer Andy Gill was also positive about the guest appearances of Wyman, who he described as “stolid as ever” on It’s Only Rock’n'Roll and Honky Tonk Women, and Taylor, whose “stinging lead lines” on Midnight Rambler combined well with the rest of the band.

“For seven minutes or so, the years fall away and it seems as if the group were still at the cutting edge of pop – something their two new numbers, sadly, never quite manage,” he said.

BBC Radio 5 live’s Colin Paterson said Sir Mick’s energy “was just frightening” while The Mirror described the “sprightly legends” who played a “blistering” set.

Writing in The Guardian, Alexis Petridis said the show was “liberally flecked with moments” which were “about more than mere nostalgia, where the band seems to suddenly hit its stride, when well-worn material comes alive”.

“Keith Richards’ Before They Make Me Run arrives with its screw-you swagger intact,” he added.


Keith Richards The band played 23 songs, ending the gig with Jumping Jack Flash

Comedian Noel Fielding, who was in the audience, told the BBC Richards was “amazing”.

“I think Keith played incredibly. Sympathy For The Devil…his lead on that was absolutely amazing,” he said.

“Mick came out in a cape which – as always – has got to be a bonus.”

The band also played classics such as Paint It Black and Jumping Jack Flash, but they didn’t get to perform Satisfaction as they ran out of time.

Still, fans were happy with the performance.

“It was pretty special,” said one, adding: “It’s not very often you get to see something like that. It was incredible.”

Another man who travelled from Australia for the concert said it was “amazing”.

“Mick Taylor… What a genius,” he added.

Music critic Neil McCormick said the music sounded as good as it did when he first started going to gigs in the early 1980s.

“They really did seem happy to be there,” he told the BBC. “There were many moments when they went completely mad.”

The series of gigs marks 50 years since the band first appeared in a small London club determined to pay homage to the masters of American blues.

There will be one more concert in London on Thursday, followed by one in Brooklyn, New York, and two in Newark, New Jersey.

Flood warning remember turn off the taps

November 26th, 2012

26 November 2012 Last updated at 16:59

Floods in UK: Travel disrupted as rain head north

The BBC’s Danny Savage reports from the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton, which has cancelled all surgery as flood waters threaten its operating theatres

Heavy rain and flooding are disrupting parts of the road and rail network as storms move on to north-east England and north Wales.

Closures, delays and safety warnings are affecting dozens of A-roads, while cancellations and delays have also hit some national rail services.

About 200 flood warnings and 300 alerts are in force in England and Wales.

The environment secretary urged people to keep up to date with flood warnings to avoid “terrible tragedies”.

Some 800 homes, mainly in south-west England, were flooded at the weekend, and two people died in the storms.

Devon and Cornwall were particularly badly hit, along with Malmesbury in Wiltshire and Kempsey in Worcestershire – where a new

Global consumables ltd hitting the news

November 26th, 2012

Global economic woes prompt soul-searching on capitalism

While policymakers insist vigorous recovery will arrive, there is concern that deep structural problems are stalling a revival

Buying groceries by credit card

Measures to make capitalism more sustainable would help give it greater legitimacy. Photograph: Chuck Savage/Corbis

Hope springs eternal: China’s manufacturing sector has perked up a bit; there are encouraging noises coming out of Washington about avoiding the fiscal cliff; the euro is still in one piece

England strike a winning blow ( global consumables) loves this

November 26th, 2012

India's Sachin Tendulkar leaves the field after being dismissed by Australia in Sydney in January

India’s Sachin Tendulkar disappointed in both innings, twice getting out to Monty Panesar for eight runs. Photograph: